Brink is a Free-Roam, Free-Running FPS developed by Splash Damage. Altogether there are 24 firearms in the game. This list is devided into:

  • 5 sidearms (including semi-autos, full autos, and revolvers)
  • 7 light weapons (such as sub-machine guns and sniper rifles)
  • 7 medium weapons (such as assault rifles and shotguns)
  • 5 heavy weapons (such as HMG's and Grenade Launchers)

The game seems to have real world based guns but heavily modified.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 "Hockler Machine Pistol"Edit

The Hockler Machine Pistol is really a sub-machine gun. however this label has been changed to make the weapon more fictitious. it is apoparently only available when you pre-order the game with the SpecOps Pack from Steam or Walmart


Hockler Machine Pistol

Brink-20100817102837415 640w

a soldier with the Hockler Machine Pistol

MP-412 Rex revolverEdit

Brink features a revolver that is available by Pre-ordering from Amazon or Direct2Drive. it is based on the real world MP-412 Revolver. it has a "Break-Open"reloading system as seen by the bolt in front of the trigger guard.

Caesar Revolver

"Caesar Revolver"

Psycho screenie

The Psycho with his Revolver

Mauser SR-93Edit

Appears in-game as the "Barrett Long Rifle"

Mauser sr93

Mauser SR-93

Barrett FPV

Barnett Long Rifle

Unknown Smith and Wesson RevolverEdit

Apppearsas the "Ritchie Revolver" after the director Guy Ritchie. This revolver is an obvious Smith and Wesson model (possibly the 500' model.) with fututristically detailed casing.

Bul Cherokee pistol/SIG-Sauer P226Edit

The "Tokmak" pistol seems to be based of the two aforementioned pistols. It has the lowest damage rate but the highest capacity out of the handguns.


Bul Cherokee pistol

662px-Brink Cherokee

Tokmak Pistol

Brügger & Thomet GL-06Edit

The Reggae rebel is seen using a custom version of this grenade launcher during the trailer to despach a heavy soldier. this is futile however as the heavy soldier mows him down with his weapon.


"Wake Up Call"

Colt CQB-REdit

The Euston Assault Rifle heavilly resembles an M4a1 Carbine, however as it is so short it more matches the Close Quarters Battle varient.

800px-Unknown M4-Like SMG Select

Euston Assault Rifle

800px-Unknown M4-Like SMG FPV 1

In-game FOS POV of theEuston Assault Rifle

Heckler and Koch UMPEdit

A huge rebel is seen firing a HK UMP with one hand, before changing to a shotgun.


The Huge Rebel with his HandK UMP

684px-Galactic SMG 2

Galaxy SMG

SIG SG-550Edit

Appears as the "Rhett Asault Rifle".

800px-Stgw 90

SIG SG-550

676px-Rhett Customization Unmodified

Rhett Assault Rifle

Unknown BladesEdit

The Masked Rebel almost gets killed with a couple of unknown blades that can cut through garage doors. eventually he gets stabbed when he turns around to come face to face with his killer.


The unknown Blades

Knights Armament ChainSAWEdit

A Knights Armament ChainSAW appears as the "Maximus Machine Gun", this name obviously being a reference to the Maxim Machine Gun. in all the gun 300 rounds and can hold 100 at a time. Being a heavy machine gun, the player cannot freerun when using this particular firearm, however to compensate for that it has been given the highest rate of fire out of all the gunms on the game.

Chain SAW

Knights Armament ChainSAW


Maxiumus Machine Gun

Brügger & Thomet TP-9Edit

Brink features a heavily modifiable TP-9 as one of the "machine Pistols"

270016-ruger mp9 submachine gun super


. it is called the "Tamper SMG"

686px-Tampa SMG

Tampa SMG

Beretta Px4 InoxEdit

Brink Features a heavily modifiable Beretta Px4 Inox pistol as one of the sidearms. in-game the pistol is named the "Kolt Pistol" which is an obvious reference to the firearm manufactures: Colt.

1511 big 1 340P 340P

Beretta Px4 Inox

GP Brink-Gun-Customization

The Kolt Pistol

Walther P99Edit

Appears as the "Sea Eagle" it is the aecond of the only two pistols featured in the game.

Sea eagle 2

The "Sea Eagle" pistol

Nexter FAMASEdit

Appears in-game as the FRKN-3K Assault Rifle. it holds 24 rounds in the magazine and has 168 rounds in all. The name seems to be a paroidy of the FN F2000, however the actual weapon resembles the FN FAMAS


PS3 Beta showing the Assault Rifle

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