Dead Rising cover Art

Dead Rising is a zombie survival horror title from Capcom. The game takes place during an unknown virus outbreak. you play as Frank West, an up and coming reporter who sets out to unravel the breakout mystery.The most unique feature this game has is that almost anything can be used as a weapon, so as you can tell this will be a long page.


one of the main firearms useable in the game is the 1911A1 Pistol. it is ;lebeled the "Hnadgun" ingame and can be found on zombie cops, in gun stores and just basically in random is used by some survivors. It has a round capacity of 30, however sometimes during cutscenes this pistol changes from a 1911A1 to a SIG-sauer P228.

Remington 870Edit

This is the only shotgun available for the player to use. it is known as the "Shotgun" it is one of the most common and effective weapons on the is used by most Psycopaths, Survivors and Cletus Samson. it can be also found in the Huntin' Shack Gun Store and altogether has a 20 round capacity.