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&nbsp Disturbia is the 2007 updated remake of Alfred Hitchcock's original horror thriller: Rear Window. It stars Shia LaBeouf as Kale Brecht, a teenage boy whom after his fathers tragic death is put under house arrest after punching his spanish teacher when he mentions his recently deceased father, to kill time he watches his neighbours' daily activaties through his window and believes one of them, Robert Turner played by David Morse is a wanted serial killer. Without any evidence he attempts to uncover the truth with the help of his two friends: Ronnie played by Aaron Yoo and Ashley Carlson played by Sarah Roemer.

Robert's Kitchen KnifeEdit

This every day Kitchen Knife is used by Robert Turner to kill a girl he takes home with him from a night club.


Robert Turner standing behind Ashley Carlson on the Poster

Kale's Hedge CuttersEdit

Kale uses these Hedge Clippers to put a border arpound his residence so he doesn't step out of bounds and make his ankle bracelet react. he uses these hedge clippers to infiltrate Robert Turner's house when he kidnaps Kale's mother and kill him.


Kale with his Hedge Cutters

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Kale Searching Roberts house with the Hedge Clippers

Baseball BatEdit

A Baseball Bat is used by both Kale and Robert. it is an aliminuem baseball bat which can smash through a wooden door.Kale carries this weapon when he goes to find the missing Ronnie, and turner uses this weapon to knock out Ronnie at the end and to make his way to Kale and Ashley as they hide in Kale's bedroom.