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Skyline is a Sci-Fi, action horror directed byt he Brothers Strause. the main plot is described as: Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

Beretta 92FSEdit

Terry (Donald Faison) uses a Beretta 92FS as his main firearm, he can be seen fireing it in a kitchen, and carries it up onto the apartment roof to look at the alien spacecrafts.


Terry (Donald Faison) firing his Beretta 92FS in the Kitchen

M141 SMAW-DEdit

A soldier can be seen firing an M141 SMAW-D on a roof at one of the gbig extraestrials during the trailer. it doesn't seem to have much effect against the creature.


The soldier firing the M141 SMAW-D at the Giant Alien

Fire AxeEdit

Jarrod (Eric Balfoue) can be seen carrying a Fire Axe throughout each trailer and on a lot of the promotional stills.


Jarrod (Eric Balfour) with his Fire Axe