Sucker Punch is a stylish fantasy action film set in the 1950s. It is set around the story of a young girl named
Sucker punch ver10

Sucker Punch

BabyDoll who is sent to live in a mental institution by her wicked step-father. during this time however she imagines and enters an alternate reality in which she can plan her escape along with her four friends Blondie, Amber, Sweet pea and Rocket.

BabyDoll's KatanaEdit

This looks to be one of the two main weapons Baby Doll Uses throughout the movie. This weapon is mostly used in the Japanese-esque universe where she and her four friends battle giant demon samurai. It also has an engraved images of frightened/happy bunnies and vines with berries on the has lebrown leather same (wrappings) a brown sheath with golden snowflakes, a wheel tsuba with flowers and a golden dragon inside the wrappings.

Suckerpunchposter2 720

Baby Doll with her Katana and custom pistol


Wiseman polishing/cleaning Baby Doll's Katana


SuckerPunch Babydoll samurai sword

official Screen used BabyDoll Katana

Sucker Punch babydoll katana design

Katana Engravings

Custom 1911 PistolEdit

This 1911 pistol is Babydoll's second signiture weapon used throughout the movie. it is a satin nickel 1911 pistol with wodden gripsand engravings on the slide.The engraving are of the same design as the Katana: bunny,, vines, berries however with one difference< a cartoon capital "B" at the start of the patten which is the first initial of her character. It also has 4 charms attatched to the Lanyard Ring which are as listed: a bunny head, an hour glass, a baby's bottle and skull. It is stored in a wooden box before perminently taken by Babydoll. woaaaaaaw

Sucker Punch babydoll pistol

Official screen used 1911A1 pistol

Sucker Punch babydoll pistol engraving

BabyDoll's 1911A1 engravings


Babydoll's Custom 1911 pitol

M1911A1 PistolEdit

Blue (Oscar Isaac) uses one of his bodyguard's nickel plated M1911A1 pistols wth pearl grips to execute Amber (Jamie Chung) and Blondie (Vanessa Anne Hudgens)


Blue (Oscar Isaac) with his bodyguard's M1911A1

Heckler & Koch MP5KEdit

Blondie uses a Heckler and Koch MP5K as her primary weapon. It seems to have a surefire weapon light attatched.


Blondie holding an MP5K

Blondie MP5K

M4A1 CarbineEdit

This weapon is featured on the trailer being used by most of the girls as they travel through the alternate reality. It seems to be equipped with a red dot sight, tactical flashlight and laser.


Sweet Pea (middle) fireing her M4A1 Carbine


A behind the scenes version of the image above

Tactical Remington 870Edit

Seen featured on the trailer used by Sweet Pea. it has a carbine stock. tactical flashlight and a door breaching muzzle. she uses this during the battle in the futuristic reality.

Sweet Pea aiming her Benelli M3


Sweet pea aiming with her Benelli M3

Hand Held M134 MinigunEdit

Used by the Demon Samurai to try and kill Babydoll.

The Samurai Giant trying to kill Babydoll

Heckler & Koch UMPEdit

Seen in the trailer being used by Rocket this looks to be her signiture weapon throughout the movie it is also equipped with a red dot sight, a tactical flashlight and a laser.


Rocket aiming her Heckler and Koch UMP


A Tomahawk or hand axe is seen in the trailer being used by Blondie to fight a German Zombie in the World War I reality. It has a heart shaped hole in the blade. This sort of hole is a common device to cut weight in medieval axes.

SuckerPunch blondie tomahawk prop

Screen used Tomohawk wielded by Blondie


Blondie Fighting a Nazi Zombie


Blondie's Tomahawk shown in Zack Snyder's trademark slow motion.

Rocket's KnifeEdit

2010-07-27-suckerpunch 04

Rocket with her knife in her thigh holster

Rocket is seen carrying a Mauser 98K bayonet in a thigh holster. This looks to be her signature melee weapon throughout the movie.

This style of bayonet can also be seen attached to the German soldier's rifles in the trench battle.

Rocket knife

The screen used knife of Rocket's


Rocket fighting with her Flintolock Pistol

Percussion-cap PistolEdit

Rocket is also seen using an antique percussion cap .50 calibre pistol during the World War I scenes. However she doesnt use it like as a firearm she uses is as a club to fend off some of the steam zombies. Note that these are not Nazi, despite many ill-informed posts (wrong period to rest of scene and wrong uniforms) but definitely WWI period.


In combination with the percussion-cap pistol, Rocket also uses a Bayonet to fight the German Steam-punk Zombie Soldiers. The bayonet type is an M1884/98 for the Mauser rilfe. Movie prop bayonets used on the German rifles are the same style.


Rocket with her Flintlock and Bayonet

H&K MP7A1Edit

Babydoll appears to be using an MP7A1 Sub-machine gun with a suppressor during the battle in the medievil-esque world.


Babydoll with her MP7A1

Daewoo K3 (mocked up as FN Minimi SPW)Edit

Blondie can be seen carrying a mocked up Daewoo K3 that has been mocked up to resemble an FN Minimi SPW on the first promotional photo.


Daewoo K3 mocked up as an FN Minimi SPW

Sucker-punch-movie-photo m

Scott glenn (Back) with his M249 Para

Glock 17Edit

Amber uses a Glock 17 pistol as her primary sidearm.

Ambers gun Sucker Punch prop

Screen used Glock 17 wielded by Amber

Sucker punch amber poster 2 by judgedeath-d381qam

Amber poster featuring the Glock 17

LeMat 1861 RevolverEdit

A German zombie appears to have a LeMat revolver. He uses this to fight babydoll. he is seen fireing this pistol at her. However she deflects the round away using her engraved katana.


colt single action army

Demon Samurai's NaginataEdit

Used by the Giant Demon Samurai, which are based on traditional conceptions of Chinese Men-Shen, to try and kill Babydoll at the start of her quest.


The Giant Demon Samurai trying to stop Babydoll.

Sucker-punch01 samurai-snow

The Demon Samurai faces down BabyDoll in the snow.

Demon Samurai's WakizashiEdit

A Demon Samurai Giant as well as a katana has a shorter Wakizashi atattched to him as traditional samurai did back in their time.


The three Demon Samurai Giants standing in threatening poses prepareing to unsheath or use their weapons.

Demon Samurai's KatanaEdit

Can be seen in the trailer sheathed as the Demon Samurai prepare to attack.



The Demon Samurai with their weapons

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