Tekken international artwork


SIG-Sauer P226Edit

Kazuya Mishima looks to be using a custom SIG-Sauer P226 with a Chrome slide and black grip as his main sidearm throughout the movie. He uses it most noticeably to kill Heihachi Mashima's Bodyguard.

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Yoshimitsu's KatanaEdit

Yoshimitsu uses his signiture Katana in a fight with Jin Kazama. He then proceeds to discard it to fight fairly against Jin when his weapon is broken.


Yoshimitsu with his Katana

FN F2000 Tactical.Edit

The Jacks use FN F2000 Tactical Assault Rifles as their primary weapons.Some are equiped with Scopes and green lasers.These weapons are featured throughout the film.


Jacks stand guard behind Jin with their Custom FN F2000 Tacticals

FN P90Edit

As well as using FN F2000s The Jacks also use FN P90s to keep "Order". these guns are taken by Steve Fox and Raven and used to escape capture.


FN P90


In the battle between Jin Kazama and Yoshimitsu Jin is armed with a Naginata to face off against Yoshimitsu's Katana. however it is also used by Yoshimitsu during the fight when he is told to finish Jin off. if Yoshimutisu wasn't told to try and finish him off he would have won the fight. dueing the fight the naginata is broken on both ends when each fighter uses it as the swings hit blocks and these blocks break the weapon.



Glock 17Edit

A Glock 17 with a chrome slide is seen about to be used by Heihachi's Bodyguard before he is shot by Kazuya. also Christie uses this during the escape scene.


Glock 17 with a chrome slide

Metal BarEdit

Steve Fox also uses a metal bar he finds on the street to fend off some of the Jacks.


Metal Bar

Tekken Force Shock BatonEdit

The Jacks use Shock Batons to subdue the tekken fighters without killing them. They use these mostly during the Tekken fighter escape scenes of the movie.


A Jack Soldier getting very close to Christie with his baton (ooh matron)