The Tourist

The Tourist is a dramatic thriller from Director: florian henckel von donnersmarck. It stars Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Pauln Bettany. the official plot revolves around Frank, an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Elise is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

Steyr ScoutEdit

The Undercover Cop (Clèment Sibony) is seen cocking a Steyr Scout during the theatrical trailer.

Rsz 1tourist1

The Steyr Scout as seen in the trailer

Accuracy International Arctic WarfareEdit

A sniper is seen aiming this rifle out of a window during the trailer.

Rsz sniper

The unknown Sniper aiming his Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Beretta 93R Automatic PistolEdit

A Beretta 93R is seen at 01:57 during the trailer, an unknown user slides the hammer down slowly just before the screen cuts to black with a gunshot following.

Rsz b93r

Trailer shot of the Beretta 93R

Beretta 92FSEdit

A suppressed Beretta 92FS can be seen in the trailer used clearly by one of the "two men with guns", if you look closely as Frank (Johnny Depp) is running along his hotel's roof in his pyjamas, you can see the assassin on the left knock the gun carrirs arms as he attempts to shoot Frank. this must mean they want him alive.