Movie Weapon Wiki


Hi my name is Liam!

i love movies and also i love weapons so this was a nice website to put up.

my favourtie movie is Transformers. (i don't care it was awsome)

i do not like the type of power using buttery monkey fucks, like you would find on other wikis. (not going to name which one) here's a hint its about movie weapons also.

i am co-creator of this wiki along with Pinko49 ( "he is a asshole!!!!")

Pinko49's Comment: Those buttery monkey fucks, are they IMFDB? MoviePropMaster? Excalibur? And other Admins? BASTARDS!!!!!! lol. Sorry for editing your page but i just wanted to point that out. All criticisms can be directed to me and not Movie. Thank you :D

Pinko49 15:48, March 24, 2011 (UTC)