The Game takes place in the year of M40 (imperial calendar). You take control of a space marine that has to battle though orcs and heretics in each level. The game is a 3rd person shotter and also has Melee elements to it aswell. The game will feature many weapon but the player will use only weapon avaible to the space marines. The game takes place on the Forge world of Graia and shows both a mass ork Invasion followed by a daemonic and chaos space marine invasion of the planet after an Ultramarine Captian called Titus is tricked in unleashing the chaos horde.

Space Marine WeaponsEdit

(Chaos Versions of weapons are only on multiplayer)

Bolt PistolEdit


Stalker Bolter/Daemon Eye BolterEdit

Storm Bolter/Twin BolterEdit

Heavy BolterEdit

Plasma PistolEdit

Plasma GunEdit

Plasma CannonEdit


Melta GunEdit

Vengeance LauncherEdit

Autocannon(Campaign Only)Edit

Combat KnifeEdit


Power Sword(Multiplayer Only)Edit

Power Axe/Chain AxeEdit

Thunder Hammer/Daemon MaulEdit

Frag GrenadesEdit

Blind GrenadesEdit

Space Marine Weapons GalleryEdit

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